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Live Review: PREMIERE: FLUIR give us a sparking indie-pop track with 'Only One'

6 April 2017 | 9:59 am | Jackson Langford

Whoever said 'two heads are better than one' must have been able to foresee the immense talent of Melbourne duo FLUIR. Made up of singer-songwriter Siobhan Krelle and producer Jesse Marantz, the two have been working since early 2016 to offer an entrancing, boundary-pushing take on indie-electronic and pop music. This is evidenced clearly in their latest effort - the stunning 'Only One.'

While this genre is so dense and it's hard to sift the gems from the rest, FLUIR have made their presence loud, clear and virtually un-ignorable with this booming effort. Released as a follow-up to their critically acclaimed, spell-binding 'I've Gotta Have You', 'Only One' is an 80s-inspired bop that starts bouncing immediately, and never ceases. The staccato synths are covered perfectly with Krelle's sombre, breathy vocals. "Take me over, say it's true / The beat of your heart is drifting apart / I knew from the start that I needed you."

The bold juxtaposition of hopeless devotion and complete faith in love for one another is an interesting canvas to paint upon, but FLUIR have done so with grace and vividness. Marantz's meticulous production showcases every layer of the melody perfectly and without compromising the eerie beauty of Krelle's voice. This is a truly a 2017 love song: it's equal parts fun and tragic, in the best way possible.

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You'd be wise to keep a keen eye on FLUIR, as this bold track is only the beginning of what they have planned for 2017. And, if 'Only One' is anything to go by, 2017 is certainly going to be their year.