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Live Review: PREMIERE: Flower Drums deliver heavenly new single, 'Night Swims'

1 February 2018 | 9:59 am | Staff Writer

Moving cities can be hard, but Flower Drums make it sound absolutely beautiful in their new single, 'Night Swims' taken from their forthcoming album.

Moving cities can be really tough. You've spent a chunk of your life (maybe even your whole life) in one place, accustomed to the way things work there, then one day it changes and you basically need to start again learning all the things that were once second nature to you. It can be really daunting and difficult, and it takes quite some time to finally find your feet. But, it can be done, and people move cities all over the world every day. One duo who recently took the big leap is now Melbourne-via-Perth act FLOWER DRUMS, and today they're sharing their experiences of moving across the country in their brand new single, 'Night Swims'.

If you haven't moved it might be difficult to comprehend the anxieties that accompany such a decision - is this what you want? Are you doing the right thing? What if it doesn't work out? Well that's exactly the anxieties Flower Drums grapple with in 'Night Swims'. Self produced by the pair, Aden Senycia and Leigh Craft, Craft said of the song, “The lyrics were a direct result of my situation at the time, I had recently moved from Perth to Melbourne with the intention of writing music and escaping a world that I had subsequently grown out of.”

The lushness of the song might at first trick you into thinking the topic at hand is one of euphoria, as the crisp guitars pierce the heavy atmospherics while grand percussion carries it along, but the lyrics paint another picture. In a way though, it captures the uneasy liberation that comes with uprooting your life and taking it thousands of kilometres away to another place, as the song swells and blooms in such a beautiful way that it feels like letting go.

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Taken from their forthcoming album interestingly titled Sunshine Terror Babies, the album explores all that growing up in contemporary society delivers including the fragility and idiosyncrasies of life, from the isolation of bedroom where you feel like you're inside your own micro-universe, to the seemingly endless late night wonderings that we all mulled over every evening without ever really coming to an answer. This album is set to paint a portrait of youth in a less-than-romantic sense, but rather one that takes a realistic and critical lens, and if 'Night Swims' is anything at all to go by, it's going to sound brilliant.

Sunshine Terror Babies is out February 12. Flower Drums are set to launch their album on February 17 at The Gasometer in Melbourne with support from AEORA and FREYA.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied