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Live Review: Alice Ivy remixes Flint Eastwood's 'Real Love'

13 September 2018 | 10:12 am | Emma Jones

After meeting when they both supported Foster The People in Australia last year, Alice Ivy has taken over Flint Eastwood's euphoric 'Real Love'.

It's a special moment when two artists, both at the current top of their game, come together on an already brilliant track to take just that extra bit further. This is exactly what we've got with ALICE IVY's latest remix coming in the form of FLINT EASTWOOD's 'Real Love'. Released during Pride Month as a celebration of the love she was told she'd never have, Flint Eastwood's euphoric and joyous defiance in the face of prejudice has been spun out and taken down the rabbit hole thanks to Alice Ivy's one-of-a-kind production skills.

Starting off with a dreamy soundscape that's pierced with the choir-like hook, Flint Eastwood's original vocals echo out over a writhing bed of beats that Ivy has laid down. Adding more and more like a mad scientist in a lab with a vile about to explode, Ivy doubles down on her impeccable knack of getting to a song's essence and making that the core theme for which her soundscape will revolve around. Controlled and measured, Ivy focuses on building a solid groove for the vibe-y rework to sit comfortably on as the vocal splices echo in and out amongst the fray of other atmospherics she's got going on.

As the song comes to a break, the "Love, Real love" hook continues to loop, further cementing the celebration of love Eastwood was singing about. Serving as a kaleidoscopic gaze, the track dynamically and expertly shifts again and again, with Ivy never once letting go of the throttle until the very end. It's arguably one of her best remixes yet, which is fitting for such a special and intimate song.

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Coming after the two artists met while Eastwood was in Australia last year as they both were supporting FOSTER THE PEOPLE, this remix is the first of a few more collaborations between Alice Ivy and Flint Eastwood. While we wait with bated breath for the next collaboration to be out in the world, this remix will do us just fine until then!

Words by Emma Jones