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Live Review: Feels return with 'Cutiepie' and go national with WOMPP

16 August 2018 | 11:50 am | Emma Jones

An act that is rapidly picking up speed this year is Perth duo, FEELS. Not only do they continue to deliver some incredibly #onbrand and aesthetically pleasing press photos for each release, but they also consistently release their own unique brand of dance music that is as intricate as it is vibrant, and they've once again shared more of both of these elements this week with new single, 'Cutiepie'.

Perhaps their most vibrant release yet, 'Cutiepie' explores how well "odd" rhythmic patterns can sit coherently in a 4x4 banger. Unpredictable and dynamic are two words that define Feels, and that's exactly what 'Cutiepie' is - from high pitched tinkers to crisp, rolling percussion, the classically trained percussionists once again meld left-field electronica with forward-thinking dance sensibilities to craft something truly special. From the subtle and random pads to the shifting atmospherics and expertly crafted percussion lines, the glorious synths and the energetic vibe all of this creates, 'Cutiepie' is one track guaranteed to get you dancing within seconds.

The good news doesn't just stop with another stellar press pic and a brand new single for Feels fans this week though. No, they've also announced that the community they founded, WOMPP, is going national as an agency, label and Abelton user group community.

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WOMPP, meaning Women Of Music Production Perth, will now aim to grow to include members from all across the country, with the duo saying in their announcement, "Expanding WOMPP to a national level will allow us to encourage a larger group of music makers to develop their production skills and give confidence to our upcoming female, trans and non-binary producers. We will be organising annual WOMPP meetings in each major Australian city, which will involve free lectures in Ableton Live, guest presentations from established artists and track sharing from members. Although we are expanding to a national level, we are proud of the heritage of this community and will therefore be keeping the extra P in ‘WOMPP’."

We named Feels an act to watch in 2018, and with every single move, they've proved us right. From their industry takedown featuring Stella Donnelly on 'They Need Us' to the creation of WOMPP and now this news, it's clear that Feels have their sights set well beyond Perth - we're just stoked to be along for the ride.

Perth fans can catch Feels at their single launch on September 1 at Mojos. More info here.

Image: Supplied

Words by Emma Jones