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Live Review: Exhibitionist's 'Hands' gets two stellar remixes from Thrupence & Willaris K

31 August 2017 | 7:52 am | Freya Dinesen

EXHIBITIONIST has re-released her debut single ‘Hands’ with two new remixes from Thrupence and Willaris. K, marking her recent signage with Future Classic.

EXHIBITIONIST has re-released her debut single ‘Hands’ with two new remixes from Thrupence and Willaris. K to mark her recent signing with the wondrous wizards at Future Classic.

Multi-instrumentalist Kirsty Tickle has been deeply embedded in the music scene for several years, previously working with the likes of The John Steele Singers, Parades and Henry Wagons. In more recent times, Tickle banded with fellow music meistro Jonathan Boulet to forge their beautifully idiosyncratic noise duo, Party Dozen. Further exploration of her own virtuosity lead to this solo endeavour as Exhibitionist, as she transcribed her musical finesse into more electronically influenced territories. 

Understandably, we got more than a little excited when we first caught wind of ‘Hands’. Tickle’s vocals are entirely captivating - reshaping phrases and tones to radiate comfort through iridescent nuances of unease. The song's highly polished production exhibits a magical mashup of genres and sonic textures, brilliantly poised to juxtapose her raw, ethereal voice.

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The great music gods have shined down once again on our bursting electronic scene, this time offering us two super tasty remixes from fellow Future Classic label mate Thrupence and up-and-comer Willaris K.

Thrupence’s revision of ‘Hands’ opens in ponderous movements, lead by nostalgia-tinged piano chords which resonate slightly off-key. Overladen with Kirsty’s poignant lyrics and minimalistic beats, this remix shines new light onto the song's expressions, filtering through warbling synth pads in a floating dream-like state.

Willaris K’s rework is a pretty stark contrast to Thurpence’s approach as he astutely assimilates his signature deep house / techno ambiences with Tickle’s voice in suspension. This development of ‘Hands’ harbours synthetic beats and heavy synth lines to drive this delicate number into the darker realms of the underground club scene, taking respite in edgings of melodic motifs and reshaped vocal phrases.

You can witness Kirsty Tickle's captivating musical prowess at next week’s BIGSOUND festivities in Brisbane, where she will be performing showcases for both her solo Exhibitionist get-up and Party Dozen. Festival and timetable details are available HERE.