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Live Review: Evangeline reflects on love & loss on 'The Strangest Thing'

7 May 2019 | 9:50 am | Izzy Stackpool

Australian singer Evangeline releases first song of 2019 with a lush exotic electro-pop sound about love and loss in relationships

Victorian musician EVANGELINE is back with her first release of the year. Fresh off the success of her recent collaboration with Donatachi on his single ‘Do What I Want’, this gal is serving us some new and exotic electro-pop.

This lush sounding track draws you in with a warm and uplifting feeling, but ultimately carries you on a journey through love and loss. The Aussie crooner uses her Lana Del Rey-esque voice to take us through what she describes as 'a song written about the cycle of a relationship'; starting as strangers, becoming one together, drifting apart back to strangers and finally holding onto someone who is already gone.

Written towards the end of a breakup, all of the emotions and turmoil are reflected in Evangeline’s brooding soundscape, as she notes, “the chorus is closure, the cycle of when someone who was once a stranger becomes your world and then they become a stranger again.”

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Behind that beat that makes you want to bop along, is a very personal tale of an emotional journey. Most of us know all too well the intense mix of feelings that can come from being in a relationship, making this track something anyone can relate to in some way.

‘The Strangest Thing’ is now available to stream everywhere. Be sure to stay tuned over the next few weeks for a special B-side version featuring the vocals of Sydney artist, LOVER.

Image: Supplied