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Live Review: Evan Klar takes on Lucy Rose's 'Love Song'

9 July 2018 | 10:01 am | Emma Jones

What was once an acoustic, intimate love song has been turned inside out and upside down thanks to EVAN KLAR's first foray into remixing, taking over LUCY ROSE's 'Love Song'. Released as part of an entire remix album of her 2017 record, Something's Changing, each remixer was handpicked by Rose featuring friends, collaborators and other artists she has met while touring, and Klar has truly outdone himself with this one.

Turning the soft, gentle tones into a blooming dream, Klar splices up the vocals to lay down a loop that keeps the track chugging along all while maintaining the vulnerability and love in the original. Injecting a carefree groove as he puts his production chops on full display, Klar's first official remix unveils a hidden side to Rose's original, just like any good remix should. Creating a meticulously layered, tinkering bed of beats, Klar lets Rose's vocals soar above the writhing sounds he so carefully guides along, making sure the many elements he's working with never quite trip over each other as they ebb and flow throughout.

Breathing a fresh life into the song, Klar's approach harnesses the excitement of love, transforming the original into a technicolour trip rather than a candlelit sonnet. With swelling piano chords and dramatic cymbal flourishes, Klar positions himself as the maestro over the lively arrangement, expertly bringing to life so many different parts yet never losing the cohesion or dream-like quality. It's an exciting development from the rising star, and as he promises there are more remixes around the corner, we can't wait to see what's next!

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Words by Emma Jones