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Live Review: Erika de Casier teases sophomore album with new latest single 'Busy'

13 May 2021 | 11:31 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Next week, Erika De Casier is releasing her highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Sensational', and now has released its final single, 'Busy'

Next week, Erika De Casier is releasing her highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Sensational'. Already having released three singles from the project, 'Polite', 'Drama' and 'No Butterflies, No Nothing', the Copenhagen-based songwriter and producer is giving us one last tease of the project, with new single 'Busy'.

The track's accompanied by a hilarious official slideshow, in which Erika becomes a literal girl boss. It's iMovie level goodness with some serious primary school computer room nostalgia. She's even created a hilarious Linked In account for the character, 'Bianka', CEO at Sensational Corp. Humour aside, the 'Busy' is gorgeous. It tackles themes of managing the balance of love and ambition, tackling notions of selfishness and knowing when to put yourself first, “No, it’s not easy/ But I gotta work real hard/ To get where I wanna be,' she sings in its hook. The sentiment is nestled above a silky smooth ethereal 2 step  beat, channeling both garage and 2000s R&B alike.

The stellar single only adds to the hype of 'Sensational'. The record expands the universe of de Casier’s 2019 self-released debut album 'Essentials'. While 'Essentials' dealt with infatuation, 'Sensational' aims to dismantle the stereotype of single women looking for love, tackling relationship dramas and the toxicity of dating. With her ability to mould genres, influences and experiences on the record, it's gearing up to be an empowering record in the ever evolving new indie R&B sphere.

Check out the official slideshow for 'Busy' below:

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Image Via Dennis Morton