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Live Review: PREMIERE: Entity 97 takes us on a trip down 'Solitude Lane'

19 March 2019 | 10:31 am | Caitlin Medcalf

With a year of ENTITY 97 under his belt, Chinese-born and Sydney-based produer Kuangyu Tian returns today with a new track under his Entity 97 moniker. He's previously tapped into spacey, ethereal territory occupied by artists like Jamie XX and Chaos In The CBD and his new one, 'Solitude Lane', sees him keeping in stead with his blissful approach to production.

The project has so far seen him explore sensitive human emotions through sound, and 'Solitude Lane' is an extension of this exploration. By the way, we're damn stoked to be premiering this one today, so take a listen below.

It's hard to not get lost in this one. From the onset, the lowkey, jazzy kit works in tandem with the broken keys warping in and out in a way that feels organic. It may be an electronic track, but the beauty of Entity 97's production style is that it feels far from that. The sounds used in this track you can hear have been so meticulously selected, and when plucked from their electronic files and placed into a live soundscape context, there's something beautiful at play here.

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In the same way that Chaos In The CBD approach their style of creating, Entity 97 is first and foremost a composer, and it's tracks like 'Solitude Lane' that recontextualise and change the way we think about music production.

Beautifully crafted piano motifs, careful kits, spacey keys and an eye for programming with space in mind are just some of the things that make this track what it is, and if anything, it's left us wanting more and more.