Live Review: Eleanor Jacks is back with the soulful 'Crazy'

13 November 2017 | 9:47 am | Max Lewis

It hasn't even been a month since her stunning debut, but Eleanor Jacks has returned with 'Crazy', a bombastic, soulful and deeply emotional cut.

Hot on the heels of her debut single 'Run n Hide' back in October, Sydney artist ELEANOR JACKS is back at it again with 'Crazy', a soulful, bombastic and mature cut from the 19-year-old singer-songwriter.

Eleanor Jacks erupted barely over two weeks ago with 'Run n Hide', a stunning blend of powerful vocals, emotional lyrics and masterful electronic production. It was one of those singles where, from the very first note you immediately google search 'Eleanor Jacks' with phrases like 'HOW' and 'MORE'. It's amazing what magic she can create from tracks that found their origins in her family 'jam room', thrashed out in demo format by fellow family members and even the family dog.

Using the classic of being at a club when you'd rather not be, 'Crazy' weaves a tale of emotional turmoil ready to erupt at any moment. Jazzy, staccato piano chords paint a lighter picture, while the vocals and pulsing bass create the darker underside. The chorus erupts with layers upon layers of bombastic and harmonising vocals mixing with trap-esque percussion and thick synths. This mixture between soul and electronica sounds dissonant on paper but Eleanor Jacks pulls it off without a hitch, sounding like the end result of a week-long jam session between Amy Winehouse and Lorde.

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It's a bittersweet and hard hitting track - you want to rock out to the gorgeous production, but you want to give Eleanor Jacks a hug as well. If that doesn't tell you that this track is something special, I don't know what will.