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Live Review: PREMIERE: Eilish Gilligan shares entirely self-produced new single 'Flesh'

27 October 2020 | 1:08 pm | Emma Jones

Eilish Gilligan returns with another absolutely gorgeous new single this week, titled 'Flesh'.

After gracing us with a remarkable new single back in February in the form of 'I Just Want To Look At You', EILISH GILLIGAN returns with another stunning release this week titled 'Flesh'. Premiering on Purple Sneakers, 'Flesh' represents another brave move from an artist who has made a name for herself by continually shape-shifting and pushing her craft further with each and every release.

For fans of James Blake, 'Flesh' is another trip into the deepest, darkest parts of Gilligan's emotions. It's the first time she's produced a song entirely on her own, having previously collaborated with the likes of Jonathan BouletKonstantin Kerstig and Japanese Wallpaper, and doubles as one of her most intimate releases thus far. It's delicate and earnest, and yet still maintains that heartfelt melancholia that Gilligan so intrinsically and expertly threads into her music. Where 'I Just Want To Look At You' was unashamedly bright and romantic, 'Flesh' examines the exposed vulnerability and disarming nature of someone saying something so hopelessly devotional to you.

Speaking of the inspiration of 'Flesh', Gilligan said, “The track arose from someone saying ‘I think about you all the time’...[T]here’s something about having those words be said to you honestly that is so disarming and bright.” And, while on first listen one might think this is a sad affair, Eilish noted 'Flesh' is “actually a happy song, or at least it’s the happiest I get."

Eilish Gilligan's music has always had a certain emotional impact. Such is the power of her musicality, she manages to not only let you feel like you're being let in on a secret while also providing enough universal space for her stories to transfer to the life of the listener. It's a potent mix of personal insight with her adept pop sensibilities, but on 'Flesh' its more prominent than ever. The song feels so intimate you almost feel like you're eavesdropping, while also getting into your very bones so much so she could be narrating your own experience. It's impressive from start to finish, another shining example of why she remains at the forefront of left-of-centre pop in this country and also just one of the most beautiful songs we've heard in a very long time. If this is what Gilligan is capable of creating when she's riding solo in the producer chair, we cannot wait to hear more.

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Oct 19 - Nov 1 – Twitch ANZ’s Creative Showcase

Nov 1 – “Flesh” Live Stream via Twitch – LINK

Words by Emma Jones

Image by Simon Walsh