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Live Review: Eilish Gilligan breaks the mould on intriguing new single 'Creature of Habit'

3 October 2017 | 10:25 am | Molly McLaughlin

Melbourne's very own Eilish Gilligan has released a new track, and it's all kinds of interesting, blending dreamy vocal gymnastics with unsettling beats.

EILISH GILLIGAN is a 24-year-old producer, singer and songwriter from Melbourne, and 'Creature of Habit' is part of her dazzling solo project. You might know her better as the frontperson of indie pop band Frida, or from touring as a vocalist in Japanese Wallpaper’s band. 'Creature of Habit' is only the third track released under her own name, but boy, is it a stunner.

'Creature of Habit' is a desperate electro-pop bad dream, and Gilligan's distinctive vocals dominate the song in a very good way. The minimalist beats shine in the chorus, but otherwise fade into the background to create the unsettling atmosphere of falling in love too fast. Dissonant chords hum beneath her voice and distorted vocals echo menacingly. The pure beauty of Gilligan's words provides the counterpoint, pulling the track back from the darkness.

Lovelorn and pained by the emotion of it all, she perfectly communicates her fears and hopes in the same moment: "I think that you should know when I see a horoscope/ I've been checking yours/ and checking mine," she pleads. "I am an earth sign, I am a creature of habit/ but you're in the air/ and I kind of like it." In just a couple of words, Gilligan evokes an entire star-crossed love story, giving life not only to her persona in the song, but also her lover and their history together.

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Make no mistake, Gilligan is the whole package: dynamic live performer, insightful songwriter, dreamy vocalist, and engaging producer. But 'Creature of Habit' demonstrates her potential to be even better. She's on our radar, and she should be on yours too.