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Live Review: Edyth 'Crystxls'

13 February 2015 | 9:40 am | Emma Jones

Mysterious French producer Edyth, signed to Fake Music, has released his second ever track, the ambient, future bass 'Crystxls'.

French record label FAKE MUSIC have made a name for themselves by releasing predominantly dance oriented records. However, their latest release takes things down a few notches.

Mysterious EDYTH puts the ambience in future bass with his latest track, Crystxls - his second in 8 days.

A little dark, brooding, and smooth - Crystxls is a change of pace for the label, and a breath of fresh air into experimental electronica. Balancing between trip hop, but rooted in future bass, this tune is one of the best I've heard in a long time.

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From warbled vocal samples and static rain sounds to searing synth jabs, huge beats and rolling snares keeping the groove, Crystxls is a slow burner that keeps on giving. With each listen, you can uncover a little bit extra that EDYTH has hidden in there, showing an incredible amount of promise for the young, still relatively unknown producer.

Crystxls is the follow-up single to Habibti, which sees EDYTH working at a faster tempo, but still keeping the slow groove heard in Crystxls. More euphoric synth chords carry this tune along with fragmented male and female vocal samples.

EDYTH's variety of strengths are on display in both of these tracks, showing his ability so early on. Crystxls is to be released off EDYTH's upcoming EP, BARE I, which will undoubtedly show even more of what the new producer has to offer!

Words by Emma Jones