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Live Review: Ebony offers up stunning, sexy R&B in 'Skin & Bones'

2 November 2017 | 8:27 am | Jackson Langford

Trying to set yourself apart in a realm dominated by electronic R&B is no easy feat. With each release comes plenty of comparisons, as our Soundcloud generation becomes lost in a sea of imitations of one another. It's becoming increasingly difficult to sieve out the gold nuggets through the mounds of dirt. Luckily for EBONY, however, her debut single 'Skin & Bones' shines so brightly that no amount of junk, dust or debris could ever hide it.

'Skin & Bones' is like a remedy in a world of explosive music. While the bass drops are getting more explosive, Ebony dials it all the way back with a subdued and subtle approach to a genre that never stops expanding. Because of that, she's given herself room to be as meticulous and as detailed as possible. There's not one layer of this song's impeccable production that goes unnoticed, and not one layer that doesn't serve a crucial purpose. The organic key melody that makes up this song's framework is a genius move - it gives the song a warmth and a mellowness that directly contrasts with Ebony's lyrical self-assertion ("I don't need your fucking sorry/Heard it all before, don't call me").

If nothing else, 'Skin & Bones' proves that while it may be hard to stand out from the crowd, it's not impossible. The rolling drum meter and distorted vocals that are peppered throughout the song elevates the song to an elegance seldom seen by veterans, let alone artists on their debut. Ebony's voice, which is as smooth as it is soulful, injects 'Skin & Bones' with an almost-lethal dosage of sultriness. Her tongue is dipped in a lustrous poison so sweet you'll go in for another taste without hesitation. Her words waltz delicately around every layer of production as she shows off every ounce of effort and emotion she poured into this song's creation.

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'Skin & Bones' is a song that comes along once in a blue moon. Ebony has mastered the balance between intelligent and detailed production with the raw emotion and deeply human feelings that are entrenched in her vocals. This girl is a shooting star absolutely exploding with talent. Don't blink - you might miss her as she soars all the way to the top.