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Live Review: E^ST delivers the breakup anthem you've been waiting for

3 October 2017 | 5:10 pm | Camilla Patini

You won’t be let down by nineteen-year-old singer song writer E^st’s (Mel Bester) fantastic new single, ‘Life Goes On’. It’s her fourth release, following three successful EPs: Old Age in 2014 (which got picked up by triple j and wound up with Bester signing a deal with Warner aged 16), then The Alley and Get Money!, which featured a guest spot from rising Brisbane MC Mallrat. Earlier this year, E^ST leant her vocals to Alice Ivy's single 'Get Me A Drink', which also features Melbourne rapper Charlie Threads.

'Life Goes On' came to life during a writing stint in the UK with producer Jim Elliot (Ellie Goulding, ‘Foxes’). "As soon as he played that piano line I knew what I wanted to write about", E^ST says. The song is about "something very personal to me, about ghosts that aren't physically with you anymore but still leave an impression. It's admitting to missing someone but accepting that you have to let go of people sometimes."

Aside from being about a specific relationship having ended, E^ST’s opening lyrics seem to suggest something deeper about the way we live life today: ‘Momentary, temporary, transient, impermanent, fugitive, short-lived, fleeting.’ It's hard to imagine a voice more equipped to cover adolescent heartbreak than Bester’s; it is undeniably strong and capable of emotional depth. Her confident vocals shine through on this track especially, which is driven by a dance-y, light beat despite its sad subject matter.

Anyone who has ever been in love or experienced heartbreak will be able to relate to the lyrics such as, ‘There was something great about you / something that will never be the same without you / something that I’m always gonna miss / guess that’s how it is.’ Bester retains her Australian accent (adding to her charm) as she does in all her songs, alternating between a floating higher register and a deeper, more emotional singing voice. This is the perfect track to dance away your blues to, whether at the club or in your bedroom with friends.

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E^ST will soon debut her live show in Europe, performing 'Life Goes On' for the very first time in London and at WAVES Festival, Vienna, before returning to Australia to work on new music. E^ST's voice is so good, I can’t wait for her to try her hand at a full-length album.