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Live Review: Durante ‘Full Moon’

14 January 2015 | 9:00 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Californian producer Durante has just dropped his surprising new track titled 'Full Moon'.

Tracks that take you by surprise are the best kind. It’s like opening a present on Christmas and not expecting to find what is actually in the box. That feeling of surprising actuality and redeeming satisfaction doesn’t come very often.

However, with music, I tend to find that it does. Californian producer DURANTE has done just this, and taken us all by surprise with his killer new track ‘Full Moon’.

This song has it all really. DURANTE knows how to craft a track, and he’s done so in quite a manner that it comes across as extremely genuine and authentic. I think the authenticity comes mostly from the way he’s structured the track, with the slow, quiet intro that later bursts through to this heightened house synth line that’s neatly squared away by the careful hi hat in the background.

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It continues to push further however, when the unsuspecting line of trumpets emerges from the void and again brings this track to a new level.

It’s a fanfare for all occasions, but most of all, DURANTE’s further solidified his reputation for being an artist that create clean-cut beats with an obscure edge to match.