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Live Review: Dro Carey returns with Taliwhoah and Genesis Owusu for 'Glow Now'

1 February 2018 | 7:17 am | Camilla Patini

Dro Carey finally returns with new music in 'Glow Now', an unlikely cross-continental collaboration that sees him spread his wings in style and influence.

DRO CAREY, Sydney producer and DJ EUGENE WARD, has finally returned, releasing a new song called ‘Glow Now.' With this new record he finds inspiration in unlikely collabs with London R&B artist TALIWHOAH and Canberra's GENESIS OWUSU. 

Dro Carey was born in Perth but raised in Sydney. Across his musical career he has dabbled in multiple electronic sub genres like grime, garage and house. However, it was his most recent full-length release with his Dark Zoo EP back in 2016 via Soothsayer that really turned heads around the world. This release of course featured the breakout tune, 'Queensberry Rules' featuring KUCKA, and showed Carey as a true force on the explosive electronic scene with his understated, eclectic sounds.

Because of this, his absence in 2017 was definitely felt by fans, but there was an element of trust that while there may not have been music being released, there was definitely new music being worked on. Thankfully, he didn't make us wait too long at all in 2018 to release something, and he has well and truly delivered in 'Glow Now'. Here, he expands his stylistic wings, mixing up elements of hip-hop, pop and garage. There's lots to appreciate here: I absolutely love its pop-py synths and that garage bassline hits just the right mark. You'll be blown away by how impressive Taliwhoah's vocals are here too – sensual, gritty and full of bounce. Genesis Owusu exudes a unique vibe through his rapping as well with a sort of layer of sass embedded in his voice which makes him instantly recognisable.

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He first discovered Taliwhoah via someone on Twitter linking him to the music video for her song 'Alright', while Carey asked Owusu to feature after hearing tracks from his Cardrive EP. The result is a song which marries their disparate talents well. Owusu's voice bolsters the sultriness of Taliwhoah's, just as the electronic flourishes here complement the song's grime-y bassline perfectly.

This is a solid start to the year for Dro Carey. Hopefully we'll be hearing more from him soon!

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