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Live Review: Sydney collective DORIS launch debut compilation 'Club Canteen'

28 September 2020 | 2:08 pm | Jessica Negus

Sydney collective DORIS launch their debut compilation, 'Club Canteen', featuring a stacked local roster.

More often than not, the most exciting new releases come from the backbone of underground dance culture: small collectives with a deep-rooted love and understanding of the communities that they operate within. This statement rings true for the debut release, Club Canteen, from Sydney collective DORIS. Originally formed with the intention of throwing parties, DORIS has now shifted focus to showcasing the production prowess of local talent in light of the music industry on the East Coast coming to a relative standstill.

'Club Canteen’ features an all local roster whilst also representing the diverse spread of sonic textures present in both Australian club music and Australia’s natural and urban environments. Founder of Sydney label Club Moss, Henri O. R. Asar, and Velodrome Recordings staple Unpin each provide two unique soundscapes on the release, blending heavier UK rave with a mixture of electro and off kilter beats alongside Eastern Distributor’s darker cut ‘Recurring Thoughts’. There’s a real range of intensity and restraint offered throughout the eleven-track compilation, from some grime-influenced 2-step by SUPERCLOSE and glitch from VACATETHEROOM, to more downtempo dub and breaks from skateboard b and pistaccio. Not only this, but there’s a real sense of dedication and care put forth in these tracks - even the name ‘Club Canteen’ encourages a communal experience in light of the inability to come together on a Sydney dance floor.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your Bandcamp wishlist before Bandcamp Friday this week, DORIS will be donating all proceeds on the 2nd of October to non-profit organisation Firesticks Alliance Network, who provide Indigenous leadership, advocacy and action to land protection and conservation.

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‘Club Canteen’ is available for purchase on Bandcamp now.


Image via Bandcamp