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Live Review: Experience euphoric terror in Donatachi's flip of Tashka's 'Yokubo'

25 May 2018 | 7:53 am | Holly O'Neill

Channeling DnB, trance and hardstyle, DONATACHI balances the scary with the sweet in his intense remix of TASHKA's 'Yokubo'

Following a national support slot for MALLRAT over the summer and a whole lot of club pop singles behind him, DONATACHI is back! He's been honing his own musical influences into an EP, where he's set to explore the furthest reaches of his sound and influences. The Sydney based producer is one of many club acts on the scene that are pushing the traditional sounds of pop music to its extremes, counting vocalists like KADY RAIN, BLAIR DE MILO and of course TASHKA among his collaborators. She's loved working with him so much (this is their third time round) she's gotten him to remix her new track 'Yokubo', where, in his first official release of the year, he flips the downtempo RnB of the original into terrifying euphoria.

The airy repetition of the synths and robotic autotune of the vocals in the opening bars sets the mood for a sweet trance-y pop number, but Donatachi completely flips those expectations as soon as he's set them, introducing a monotonous sub kick that looms over the twee arpeggios. Its menacing tone is a complete contrast to the frantic lightness of the rest of the soundscape, with its addition completely reshaping the sweetness of the original chords.

The remix channels opposing genres trance and hardstyle simultaneously, both genres built on creating a different type of intensity through their unique building of melody or percussion. Tashka's vocals and lyrics feel airy and dreamlike, with that wistful feel to them that feels like it should be floating on a euphoric dance beat. The bass however completely changes the euphoria of the soundscape, with its pounding stabs both melodic and percussive in their density. “Remixes are the perfect way for me to explore influences that aren’t always apparent in my own releases,” says Donatachi of the track. "[Tashka] is such a talented producer and artist, I really wanted to strive to create a worthy companion to the original.” 

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With this remix Donatachi has brought the beauty and intensity of old school genres into a modern club context. He's completely reshaped Tashka's 'Yokubo' into a more than worthy take, that is all at once sweet and hard as hell. With a debut EP in the works where he's bound to explore these genres and more with his own Donatachi twist, we could not be more excited to see what's next!

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