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Live Review: Donatachi teams up with Kady Rain to deliver yet another sugary sweet pop gem

18 August 2017 | 5:09 pm | Camilla Patini

In ‘Take Me’, featuring sugary sweet vocals from Austin singer, KADY RAIN, DONATACHI melds a perfect pop melody to his now signature sugary-sweet, bubblegum sound. The track is full of Donatachi staples, from his rushing bubble pop samples to his sparkling swirling synths. It’s an upbeat track, set to what he describes as a ‘dynamic 2-step beat’.


Its bouncy, hyper-pop feel is clearly inspired by the PC music aesthetic, with its fetishisation of and fascination with manufactured pop and hyper-real internet sounds – this song is so glossy it might have been more appropriately reviewed through emojis. Rain’s pitched up voice conjures a nostalgic image of summer love, immersing us in waves of synthetic joy: ‘Take me to that summer night/Come on and take me’, ‘Waves come crashing in/ I’m cashing in on you’. Yet that image is oddly flattened by the syrupy and almost sickly sweet, ‘Got your body on my mind/Boy, I love you all the time’. Her hyper-real, bubbly persona is definitely more pixel than flesh. It hardly matters though; her refrain of ‘Come on and take me’ is so catchy it’ll have you bopping all summer long.

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