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Live Review: PREMIERE: Donatachi announces long-awaited debut EP with 'Precious Metal' ft. Rromarin

26 September 2018 | 10:05 am | Emma Jones

With his debut EP finally around the corner, Donatachi heralds a new era with his best song yet in 'Precious Metal' featuring Rromarin.

When it comes to high energy, pop-infused, PC Music influenced bops, no one does it better than DONATACHI. With one foot firmly planted in futuristic pop stylings and another steadfast in exceptional production wizardry, Donatachi is creating music right now that no one else is. Knowing how to bring the very best out of his collaborators so they shine as bright as possible together, the hyper-pop, endlessly energetic and always infectious tunes of Donatachi will always put me in my happy place. Now, with the release of a brand new single, he's confirmed that his long-awaited debut EP is finally on the way, and he's announced it in true style with 'Precious Metal'.

Teaming up with the incredible RROMARINDonatachi has unveiled his most matured and evolved sound yet on 'Precious Metal'. With an insatiable thirst for all things fast, loud and unpredictable, 'Precious Metal' transports you to another world with its jagged synth jabs, racing verses and Rromarin's unique vocals. It's crystalline, shimmering and sharp enough to cut you if you come too close, but still maintains the bubblegum bop energy that is classic Donatachi.

Speaking on his new single, Donatachi said, "Initially when I made this, it was in reaction to a lot of the serious music I was hearing around me. My production has always come from a more playful perspective, it reflects my own attitude about life. Having it in mind that this would be the lead on my first EP, I was thinking more & more about about my place in the world as an artist as well as what I would want to hear as a listener. I wanted to project the uplifting energy of 90’s trance and evoke the sentiments of happy hardcore, the feeling of euphoria despite the chaos of of the beat."

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As with all of Donatachi's collaborations, it truly is a collaborative process. Rromarin detailed how the lyrics came to be, saying, "Precious Metal is a song about the beauty and fragility of relationships, and the ease with which we unwittingly destroy the things that we love and treasure the most. I wrote the song at a difficult point in one of my relationships and it is essentially a metaphorical narrative about the situation at the time. To me, our love was akin to a precious metal - something unique, rare and special - that we were allowing to dilute and bleed out of our grasp. This sentiment is probably expressed best in the line 'Golden hearts they melt in the heat'."

With more collabs tipped to be included in his forthcoming EP, if anything is certain its that we're witnessing Donatachi enter a new phase as a songwriter, producer and artist, and ultimately we are thrilled to watch him rise.

Words by Emma Jones