Live Review: Donatachi and Gustine channel some serious pop on 'In Rotation'

29 May 2017 | 4:28 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

It's not often you hear a sample that gives you the warm and fuzzies, but DONATACHI has managed to do just that with his new single 'In Rotation'. Featuring French vocalist GUSTINE, her upbeat, uptempo and up-pitched melodies bring bubblegum bars to this one.

There's a really cool sample at the start of the track that forms the entire basis for the rest of it. Aptly so, he's used the music-box-like jingle from the Yoyogi train station in Shibuya, Tokyo. He's chopped, changed, pitched and ultimately created something incredibly pop-sensible with this one short sample. It's childlike in its deliverance, but the way he dresses it up gives it depth and somehow even more character.

It's the fusion of Donatachi's production style with Gustine's incredibly apt vocals that really makes this one gel. I think what's most impressive about this one, is just how well this pop track sounds like what a genuine pop track should sound like. There's no bullshit, no dressing it up or down either. It's just Donatachi doing what he does best and that's writing pop tunes.

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It's jelly and ice-cream; Ash and Pikachu. But most of all, it's just a really damn good pop song.

'In Rotation' is out this Friday, May 26 through Sydney label Sidechains.