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Live Review: dijon. is effortlessly nuanced on 'Wild'

6 July 2018 | 1:32 pm | Max Lewis

Los Angeles producer dijon. has dropped his second single, 'Wild,' a poetic expression of downtempo R&B and folk that is sublime in its humanity.

Waiter by day and producer by night, Los Angeles producer DIJON. is one of a kind, and his latest single 'Wild' is all the proof you need that this young artist is sure to find success.

dijon.'s craft is downtempo R&B blended with folk instruments and understated, poetic songwriting. After releasing his Montana EP last year, featuring 'Skin', dijon. won acclaim from the likes of Khalid and BROCKHAMPTON, the latter grabbing him for a feature on their track 'Summer'. djion. is busy working on a followup to Montana, and if 'Wild' is anything to go by, it'll be his most nuanced and mature work yet.

'Wild' is an impressive follow up, with dijon. wearing his heart on his sleeve with powerfully present lyrics. A simple guitar riff driven by a booming beat sets the pace while dijon. croons over the top, overdubs subtly building up over time until they become an almost call-and-response entity. The instrumental is catchy and melodic but un-intrusive, letting dijon'intensely human lyrics steal the show. It's as minimal as it needs to be: a slow burn that almost transcends its influences of R&B and folk.

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dijon. is only young but 'Wild' possesses maturity beyond its years. It's equal parts youthful and wise, with halcyonic melodies blending with his soulful reflections on love and life. dijon. has shown again and again remarkable complexity and intelligence in his work, and 'Wild' is no different. One of those talents you can't help but keep an eye on, dijon. is sure to rise with each piece of himself he puts out into the world.