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Live Review: Didirri shares brand new single 'The Critic' and announces second EP

7 August 2020 | 9:02 am | Emma Jones

One of Australia's finest story tellers, Didirri has announced his second EP is out next month and has shared a new song to celebrate.

DIDIRRI has returned with a whole stack of good news for fans with the release of a brand new single, and confirmation a new EP is on the way. Titled Sold For Sale, the EP follows on from his breakthrough 2018 EP Measurements, and is set to get us all in our feels all over again.

The new single, titled 'The Critic', still maintains the hallmarks of a classic Didirri song, but with a more refined and sophisticated edge. He's become one of Australia's most beautiful storytellers, and 'The Critic' is one of the finest examples of this yet. Released alongside some gorgeous visuals, Didirri takes aim at the vicious cycle of overthinking and over complicating relationships, not just with others but with yourself as well, and adds extra depth to a song that already stays with you long after its finished.

Didirri said of his new single, “The act of criticising something can often ruin it. It may seem like the most intelligent move to analyse your every action but make sure you don’t over correct and start to see things beyond what is actually going on. Love needs to be free of criticism to flourish. You aren’t the expert in your relationship; you are half of the team and half of the problem.”

Of the visuals, he said, “I wanted to play with the concept of a hopeless romantic. All too often we ruin something beautiful by naming it or wreck something fragile by touching it. We can start with the best foot forward and end up on a treadmill, circling in our analysis of love over and over. It’s not just the thorns that will scratch you, if coddled, love will bleed.”

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With his EP set for release on September 25th, Didirri has also announced a virtual world tour which will be hosted via his website and YouTube. The "tour" is a series of online performances for fans in UK, North America, Europe and Canada, and will culminate in a special Australian date on release day which will also see the man himself hand-pressing vinyl and talking about the EP. For all details, head HERE.

Watch 'The Critic' below:

Words by Emma Jones

Image by Gil Gilmour