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Live Review: daste serve a warm hug of electro-funk with 'Sober'

18 January 2019 | 12:15 pm | Max Lewis

Electro-funk boys daste offer up a warm and inviting slice of minimal yet refined pop on their sophomore single 'Sober', an ode to minimalism and self-care.

Like anyone, I love a bit of music that gets my blood and fists pumping in tandem; something that makes me want to jump around like a pogo-stick possessed by a rabbit. Other times, though, a gentle caress of electro-funk is just what the Doctor ordered. The Doctor, in this case, is the brand-spanking new Aussie trio DASTE, whose new track 'Sober' is the perfect antidote to whatever ails you.

daste turned many heads and tapped many toes when they burst on the scene a few months ago with 'Thinkin' Of'. Merging simple but refined songwriting with a lofi-adjacent sound and impeccable production, it was a great introduction to these three funky boys. With 'Sober', they present not a straight-edge anthem, but "having a clear mind from anything taking you away from yourself."

'Sober' takes the threads introduced in their debut and truly makes something of it. It feels like a warm blanket after coming in from the cold, that first gulp of water you take when you've been windmilling in the moshpit for hours, a slow-dance with someone special. Snappy percussion melds effortlessly with a sultry bassline and jazzy keys with more bends than my plumbing system. Together with some minimal vocals, it all comes together in a gloriously laid-back package, luxuriating in its simplicity all the while.

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I've heard a lot of electro-funk music during my time with the 'Sneaks, but I feel like 'Sober' is the first that really gets me. It doesn't get bogged down in any one element; it knows exactly what it wants to do and it does it perfectly. It's as true testament to quality over quantity, and it also shows that daste have got what it takes to make some truly stunning music.


Words by MAX LEWIS