Live Review: Darcy Baylis 'Envelopes' EP

21 September 2015 | 9:21 am | Emma Jones

Melbourne singer-producer Darcy Baylis has bunkered down and worked incredibly hard on his latest collection of tracks, and now he has the EP to show for it

We've been keeping an eye on Melbourne singer-producer DARCY BAYLIS for a while now. He's known for being one hell of a hard worker when it comes to his music, and his ability to continually push himself shows in each and every track.

So, it should come as no surprise then that his latest EP, Envelopes, is an all-encompassing minimal house dream with emotion and feeling to spare, and a spotlight on just how far Baylis has come.

The three tracks that make up this release couldn't be more different, but what holds them together is the way Baylis incorporates an air of emotion into his house styled tracks. Although upbeat and danceable, it's perhaps his choice of intertwining slightly unnerving sounds to slice through the token happiness that house music is synonymous with. Instead, you're left with a living, breathing, natural and human collection of tracks that put him well and truly into a league of his own.

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From the title track, which highlights Baylis' singing abilities, to the pulsing, dark 'Black Metal Phase (Club Revision)', right through to the final six and a half minute epic 'Variations on Memory', Envelopes is enthralling from start to finish. Darcy Baylis has once again worked incredibly hard, and now he has the quality release to show for it. We think it's only a matter of time before he starts getting the recognition he deserves, and with Envelopes now under his belt, that could be sooner than he thinks.

Words by Emma Jones