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Live Review: Danitsa's 'Secret Emotions' is a call for self love in a time of loneliness

6 July 2020 | 1:04 pm | Julie Fenwick

Danitsa is a chameleonic artist who has proved herself a master of many genres. Her latest single 'Secret Emotions' is just one example.

DANITSA is one of those severely underrated yet hugely talented artists who, by scaling the walls of various musical genres has shown herself to be a natural chameleon across her discography. From playing guest to her father SKANKYTONE on a 2016 Ska/ Reggae EP, to releasing her new single, ‘Secret Emotions’, Danitsa spreads herself across rap, crooning soul, modern hip hop and electronic, wrapped with a bow of African and Latin American influences.

At 23, she released her 2017 debut album ‘Ego’, which was a record of 16 tracks dedicated to self-exploration and self-discovery. Also doubling as a very true indication of her multitude of talents especially in regards to genre, one minute she's thumping out a rap ballad reminiscent of J.Cole’sG.O.M.D’ on ‘Remember me’, to the next in which she's singing atop a reggae dub bassline on title track ‘Ego’. 

Now at 25, she gives us ‘Secret Emotions’, a pulled-back RnB single with a variety of electronic flourishes. While definitively modern enough to place it in 2020, it’s copycat 90’s club-mix sound plays as homage to the era. Its subtle drops and steady bass that appear between each verse work to add layers to the track, with a high-pitched synth dipping in to say hello, dropping out to let the bass fill space at the chorus. Her voice is deliberate, and fluidly interwoven among these other elements, creating a well-rounded result. It’s a song about empowerment through your own devices and perhaps even self-love as Danitsa sings, ‘Give it love/ You can fill your own cup/ Now I know it’s better on my own.

The lyrics appear to stand true for Danitsa’s own musical journey, seeming to come into her own with a new sound far from her origins as a Ska singer on her Dad’s Skankytones EP. As ‘Secret Emotions’ shows, Danitsa has matured, finding a new sound while delving into yet another genre.

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Image by @6mangoes via Facebook