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Live Review: Funk reigns in Dan Kye's 'Like You Wanna'

16 January 2017 | 2:40 pm | Aiden Benavides

DAN KYE is a new project from Brisbane artist Jordan Rakei, and he has released his dance track 'Like You Wanna' as part of the EP Joy, Ease, Lightness.

DAN KYE may seem like a new artist, but is in fact the result of a new project from Brisbane artist, Jordan Rakei. Releasing a new EP via Rhythm Section INTL late last year, Dan Kye is an offshoot from the soul star to channel his funk side, his disco side and so much more, with 'Like You Wanna' being a particularly stellar track.

The entire purpose of the moniker, Dan Kye, is to apparently be a more stripped back version of  Jordan Rakei's music. In this, he has succeeded as the track shows a level of sophistication and maturity in the way it uses its elements. Starting off with a few simple drums then bringing in each element after, slowly and methodically, at first it takes a while to guess where the song is going. In between the repeating vocal samples, the infrequent chords of the keyboard and the shy funk guitar strumming, there's a beautiful mix of sounds that come through on this track that people wouldn't expect.

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The vocals on this track are well performed, smoother than butter and dynamic to boot. The vocal section is the part where the track really comes together in bringing in all the parts into a song. Paired with some muted funky bass lines, the vocals hammer down the level of funk on this track. This shouldn't be a surprise, as Dan Kye under his more well known moniker Jordan Rakei, has been using his voice to create smooth hooks and verses for a while now.

This song, and the project it's attached to, are both excellent songs on their own and interesting deviations from what Jordan Rakei normally makes. We hope Dan Kye stays alive for another project or two because the music here is truly fantastic.

Words by Aiden Benavides