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Live Review: Cosmo's Midnight 'Moments' EP

4 December 2015 | 3:06 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

Coming at you straight out of Sydney, COSMO'S MIDNIGHT have been very hard at work on their latest EP Moments, and it's just in time for summer too.

What a release day today has been! Coming at you straight out of Sydney, COSMO'S MIDNIGHT have been very hard at work on their latest EP Moments, and it's just in time for summer too.

It's got a bouncy castle load of fun sandwiched in between those six glorious tracks, and best of all, it's got that great kitsch sound the twins' have so well established for themselves.

Aside from singles 'Walk With Me' ft. Kucka and 'Snare' ft. Wild Eyed Boy, we're given a splash of songs that hit really close to the sound the fam over at PC Music have locked in.

'Hurt' with Sarah Bonito is a rippling slice of electronic goodness, slammed into a great deal of fun. It's light-hearted and bouncy in its approach to the production, but it's the way the vocals are meshed into this that really sets this one apart.

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The opening piece 'Track' with Wave Racer couldn't possibly get any more upbeat. It's positive from the get go, and with that almost syncopated beat, it throws you off a little too. The synths work to create atmospheric emphasis and to bring that texture to the forefront of the track. The melodic synth is video-game esque, and feels extremely unique.

They've enlisted the help of Lido for the more down-tempo banger 'Falling Out', and the result is something of gentle ferocity. Accentuated by a smooth, almost sad piano line, the mood changes when the hook comes in and it's definitely one of the biggest on the album

And finally, we're rounded out with the enigmatic and glass-like synth heavy 'Ether' with Hi Tom.

They've got the features absolutely spot on on this record, but the best part is that it doesn't detract from the skill Cosmo's Midnight has. You can so openly tell that this is their release, after all it's forward thinking, apt and well-considered.