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Live Review: Cosmo's Midnight ft. Nicole Millar 'Phantasm' (2k15emotionalVIP)

22 February 2015 | 12:00 am | Hannah Galvin

Over a year ago Cosmo's Midnight released their debut single, 'Phantasm', featuring the vocals of Nicole Millar. They've just reworked it, give it a listen!

About a year and a half ago, Sydney twins Cosmo and Patrick Liney released their debut EP, Surge, under the guise Cosmo's Midnight. This EP included their first ever single, 'Phantasm', featuring the vocals of Nicole Millar.

Today we've been fortunate enough to revisit 'Phantasm' under different circumstances, for the boys have reworked the single to fit comfortably within the realm of 2015.

A soft purr is deployed, and so we follow it's prowess until a sharp figure shatters all over the sonic floor. This welcomes us into a transcendent scene of otherwordly sounds, with that initial purr remaining adrift, obliviously moving forward and above the accumulating crowd of untamed beasts.

Experiencing a sudden transformation as soon as Millar's warped vocals enter, an Alice In Wonderland theme is approached in that our sensory experience is suddenly transfixed onto the resonating ticking of a clock. It doesn't take long for this perception to inherit the Cashmere Cat influence, for the cheeky melody harps on in a very similar way to, 'With Me'. That isn't to demerit Cosmo's Midnight's originality though, for this creative rework is totally their own.

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Download Cosmo's Midnight's reimagination of, 'Phantasm' for free via their SOUNDCLOUD, before they hit your city as part of their national 'Snare' launch tour!

Words by Hannah Galvin.