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Live Review: Collarbones 'Turning'

17 August 2014 | 12:00 am | Lauren Payne

Collarbones have a new track for us and it's a very good way to "return" we think.

It's been a long time coming, but COLLARBONES have finally released some new material. The duo that inhabit both Sydney and Adelaide have released a new track called 'Turning' and it may not exactly be the "internet teen pop" they started off with initially, but it's a very decent dose of sultry electronica.

Marcus Whale and Travis Cook have been creating music for a very long time by way of the internet because of their distance, however that distance is nothing but a small, insignificant detail when it comes to their music. The pair still produce astounding tracks and 'Turning' is a perfect example of their work.

With a good slice of house and garage samples, COLLARBONES have created a dance floor filler with 'Turning'. The vocal mix entices you and the synths circle around it and it's at this point where you can actually visualise yourself dancing to this track. Before of course you realise that you already are. The chopped vocal samples layer the overall vocal track and give it a bit of life during the quieter verses, but when the chorus comes into full swing, a strong bass emerges like lava rising in a volcano.

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'Turning' is the first single from COLLARBONES long-awaited and highly-anticipated third album titled Return, which is a very fitting name after the long hiatus the boys have had. The album is set for release in November through Two Bright Lakes/ Remote Control and by the sounds of 'Turning', we are all just going to be thinking the same thing: Shut up and take our money!

Words by Lauren Payne