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Live Review: Collarbones 'Only Water' ft. Oscar Key Sung

12 November 2014 | 12:00 am | Lauren Payne

Collarbones have released another track from their forthcoming album which features Oscar Key Sung.

COLLARBONES are releasing their new album Return in November and after dropping it's first track 'Turning' a few months back, the duo have revealed yet another piece called 'Only Water'.

As soon as you press play you can tell that 'Only Water' is exploring a completely different territory of electonica and with the added bonus of OSCAR KEY SUNG, nothing could excite you more.

When a band decides to go in a different musical direction, it's always exciting to see what they can come up with and COLLARBONES have seemed to produce a track that sounds minimal and enigmatic. OSCAR KEY SUNG's vocals add their own soulful elements to the track, emphasising the new anthemic sound they're exploring. At first the melody and vocals may sound sporadic but things seems to fall into place as the track moves along. It's different, it's eccentric, it's COLLARBONES at their finest with OSCAR KEY SUNG's flavour drizzled over the top.

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With the large contrasts between 'Only Water' and 'Turning', we can't help but wonder what the Adelaide/Sydney duo have in store for us on Return. With two tracks sitting on opposite sides of the musical spectrum being released, it looks like COLLARBONES' new album with be an exciting collection of tracks that will feel like a lucky dip of genres once it's released.

Return will be out on November 28 through Two Bright Lakes.

Words by Lauren Payne