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Live Review: LISTEN: Club Cheval Exclusive Mixtape For Bromance Records

14 May 2013 | 9:58 am | Hannah Galvin

Club Cheval have compiled an hour long mixtape for Bromance Records to say thank you and congrats for the label hitting 20,000 likes!


If you're hosting a thing at your house, and you don't know what music to play, consider this mix CLUB CHEVAL made for BROMANCE RECORDS. If however, this vaguely phrased "thing" is an event where for some reason your parents are present, you probably might want to find something else to suffocate the silence. Hit play and you'll immediately realise why I am so great with advice.

Thrown together in celebration of Paris-based label Bromance Records hitting 20,000 likes, Club Cheval has packed a very large amount of beats and tunes inside this hour long mix.

Once you get past "My p&$$y is a c&@t", you'll find yourself bumping into a variety of tracks, such as Canblaster's remix of Cashmere Cat's 'Kiss Kiss', Club Cheval's adaptation of Nero's 'Won't You (Be There)d' and 'Rooster In My Rari' by Waka Flocka Flame.

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There's also a bunch of different sounds, effects and words; from bass to beats, squeals to chants and profanity to horse neighs.

By the end of the mixtape, grab a babe or a true bro for a special slow dance to The-Dream's 'Sweat It Out'.

Clearly featuring a few of the Bromance dudes, this mixup is just one big friend-crush hug for the fans of Bromance Records.

To push this "thank you for you love and support" message just one step further, they've offered the mixup for a free digital download! Show your mum! Or don't..

Words by Hannah Galvin.