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Live Review: See things from Clarissa Mei's 'Point of View' with her daring new single

4 June 2018 | 8:09 am | Max Lewis

Clarissa Mei has followed up on her impressive debut with 'Point of View', a mature, detailed and daring electro-soul track.

Following up on her gorgeous debut, 'Vulnerable', Western Sydney singer-songwriter and producer CLARISSA MEI has pulled out all the stops with her follow-up, 'Point of View', a daring slice of electro-soul.

The 21-year-old artist has been playing in and around Sydney for years, slowly introducing the scene to her impressive pipes and intrinsic feel for soulful tunes. Following her appearance at The Plot 2017 as well a slot at the Secret Garden festival, all eyes were on Clarissa Mei, and she did not disappoint. 'Vulnerable' was the perfect introduction to her impenetrable vocal style and clever production which blended soulful instrumentation with heavy electronic beats, but now with her second release, she's doubling down on her impressive skills.

'Point of View' follows in the footsteps of 'Vulnerable' but does everything it can to build upon what was already an impressive foundation. Soft synths float underneath simple but crisp percussion as Clarissa's vocals soar uninhibited. From here the track builds in minute but impressive ways; additional percussion surrounds warped layers of vocals as Clarissa becomes more defiant.

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Clarissa Mei is putting her heart and soul on display with 'Point of View', with lyrics that are as thoughtful and nuanced as the music surrounding them. Dealing with a relationship breaking down, she showcases remarkable maturity in reinforcing that she still cares about the other person's 'point of view' despite it all. It's a small but important piece of 'Point of View' that makes it into the phenomenal track it is.