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Live Review: Experience idiosyncratic club in Clarintine's 'World Unicorn'

17 August 2017 | 7:49 am | Holly O'Neill

If you love the weird and wonderful sounds, left of centre melodies and unique synthetic landscapes make sure you pay attention to club producer CLARINTINE. 

If you love the weird and wonderful sounds of artists like MURLO, BASENJI and NINA LAS VEGAS, make sure you pay attention to Sydney producer CLARINTINE. A musician with a taste for left of centre melodies and unique synthetic landscapes, they also create all of their own cover art in a distinctive, surrealist style. Their new track 'World Unicorn' is Clarintine's most club ready offering yet, featuring plenty of off-kilter sounds, a bouncy beat and zippy chords.

Opening with an echoing vocal, the track swells to a frantic, tinny melody, jumping from a swelling start to a staccato beat. A dense bass line plays against synthetic squeaks and vocal ooh's, as the track starts to take shape moving into a dancey breakdown. Synth pads ground the paired back mid-section, focussing more on percussion to take us out of and gee us up for the breakdowns.

Clarintine has mastered interplaying and juxtaposing the melodies and bass, with their previous tracks being experiments in synthesis and creating beats through syncopating melodic sounds. 'World Unicorn' features an actual solid percussion pattern, although the jumpy melodies and rounded synths already provide enough bop to carry the beat.

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Bringing something entirely new to the Australian underground music scene, Clarintine has proved they have something special here. Their syncopated rhythms and lush synth prowess is addictive to listen to and will keep you on your toes. With such a strong vision of their unique sonic and visual aesthetic, Clarintine is bound to release more twisted dance music soon. In the meantime make sure you nab a free download of 'World Unicorn' while you can!