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Live Review: Chrome Sparks announces debut album and drops new single, 'Still Think'

26 February 2018 | 10:30 am | Max Lewis

New York producer Chome Sparks has dropped 'Still Think', his most elaborate and impressive single yet, and the latest taste of his just announced debut LP.

New York based producer CHROME SPARKS aka Jeremy Malvin has graced us with a glittery new single 'Still Think', and the announcement of his self-titled debut album, due out April 13th via Counter Records/Ninja Tune - which you can pre-order right now.

Chrome Sparks has been cementing his signature sound of analog synth worship and a combination of hip-hop and house styles since his 2013 EP Sparks put him on the map, featuring his breakout single, 'Marijuana'. 'Still Think' is the second taste of his just announced LP after 'What's It Gonna Take' ft. Angelica Bess dropped earlier in the year.

'Still Think' is a massive track - almost like a final exam where Chrome Sparks is using every trick he's learned in his 5 years of making music. And boy howdy, does it show. Constantly evolving from retro-tinged extravagance hinting at Giorgio Moroder, to a jaunty deep-house jam with warbled vocoder vocals, 'Still Think' treats us to three distinct parts in its almost 6 minute running time. All the while we're submerged in layers and layers of warm synths; bass-y pads build a solid foundation while glitzy arpeggios soar around the high-end, always on the move. The way the synths are mixed is absolutely phenomenal - instead of fighting with each other, each instrument is panned and effected perfectly, evoking a sea of sounds you can luxuriate in.

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The last third is a combination of the previous two; a formidable wall of synths that sounds like it could break out at any moment, yet remains restrained by a pounding kick and truly masterful mixing. It's definitely the most elaborate and impressive track we've gotten from Chrome Sparks this far; a sign of how far he's evolved since his debut EP all the way back in 2013. If 'Still Think' is anything to go by, Chrome Sparks is going to absolutely dominate the electronic scene this year - and we can't wait for it. Make sure you pre-order it on your desired platform to get it as soon as it drops!

Chrome Sparks is out April 13th on Counter Records via Inertia Music.