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Live Review: 'Find A Way' through the dark with Christopher Port

27 July 2018 | 8:22 am | Holly O'Neill

Moving from brooding garage to warm house, this taste of the second installment of CHRISTOPHER PORT's EP series samples bright funk and driving percussion.

Early August of this year will see the completion of a project two years in the making for Melbourne producer CHRISTOPHER PORT. Intrigued by designer and artist VIRGIL ABLOH and the connection between artist and audience, the producer lent his hand to not only two EP's, but also designing and making two unique street wear drops to match the twin releases. Last year's release Everything In Quotes "DARK" is soon to be met with it's opposite, Everything In Quotes "LIGHT", balancing out the brooding electronic garage of the first with the upbeat floating compositions of the second. His latest single from the release 'Find A Way' is a chugging house track, that is all at once funky and atmospheric.

A bright unstoppable pulse runs through the tune, either in the sharp hi hats line or echoing chopped samples. Groovy vocal samples and guitar riffs are warped and expanded, as Port juxtaposes the organic sounds with the square synth leads and a dense bass line. The repeated voice singing, "That's how much I love you" and that they'll "find a way" alongside the euphoria of the descending chords makes for a joyous, hands-up-eyes-closed finisher all the way to the five minute line.

The concept behind the twin EP's and their jacket collections comes from the blurring of artistic lines that creatives like Virgil Abloh represent. His ironic approach flips fashion, clout chasing and club culture on their heads and strips everything back to its strictly defined essentials. The "Everything In Quotes" idea stems from the interaction between artist and audience with Port explaining that he wants "you to hear my music exactly how I made it, yet still be able to perceive it in your own way...You are hearing my music in the exact form I created it, similar to a direct quote."

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'Find A Way', along with all the tracks on this upcoming EP, express a unique warmth in their sampling and stripped back instrumentation, as the producer expands percussive loops with subtle builds and atmospheric synths. Just as Christopher Port chops and rethinks vocals in his sampling, he builds off preexisting pieces and reshapes them with his own creativity in the design of the "LIGHT" jacket drop. He explains the jackets in this collection "are more like street-wear ‘edits’.

Watch the fashion film and EP teaser right here.

Christopher Port's EP Everything In Quotes "LIGHT" will be released on the 8th of October via Future Classic/Pieater.