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Live Review: Christopher Port lets the light in with 'DTF'

22 June 2018 | 2:51 pm | Emma Jones

Last year, Melbourne producer CHRISTOPHER PORT released one of Australia's best dance records with his EVERYTHING IN QUOTES "DARK" EP. A masterclass in sonic wizardry and genre-bending, Port intertwined influences from his local Melbourne scene with UK garage and more to make an unpredictable, meticulous record across four tracks, including the incredible 'Nobody Chose You'. The EP was accompanied by a fashion line from Port and saw him play at Falls FestivalSplendour In The Grass and more, while getting nods and acclaim from critics and fans alike. Hinting that there was more in the pipeline, the wait for that is now over with Port's first release of 2018, 'DTF'.

Described as a "straight up club track" by Port himself, the song is certainly lighter than its predecessors, yet still maintains the club-oriented elements that featured in EVERYTHING IN QUOTES "DARK".  “Lots of kicks, nothing heavy, just lightness, eyes closed, bodies moving," Port is absolutely right in saying this as its an immersive song that's designed to be felt just as much as it is to be heard. Honing in on the otherworldly moments in the club that almost serve as meditation, the loops, kicks and lightness of 'DTF' make for a listening experience that will get you swaying and moving in no time as Port steers the track through chopped vocal loops, swelling basslines, twinkling keys and so much more above the shifting beats and crisp kicks.

'DTF' is the first taste of a forthcoming companion EP, EVERYTHING IN QUOTES "LIGHT". The concept of the names were inspired by a concept from Virgil Abloh which aims to remove the dogma and "who-did-it-first" mentality some people have in regards to art, and instead instil a sense of irony and not taking things too seriously. Port shared, “Interaction and collaboration with the musicians, designers and creatives around me, this is my favourite way to make anything and to have it be a clear reflection of who I am and the world around me. “Light” is a record that does just that. It is “Light” in every sense of the word, just as “Dark” was in every sense of that word. The tracks on both records are meant to momentarily fill a space and then disappear, leaving a sense of lightness/darkness to varying degrees and in whichever way the listener wants."

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Judging from this and the sounds featured in 'DTF', Christopher Port is once again set to impress with this next record. Much like EVERYTHING IN QUOTES "DARK" highlighted the producer's self-assured direction and reflection of who he is as an artist and more, Port is ready to do it all again with a different lens this year. We cannot wait.

DTF’ is out now, buy/stream it hereEverything In Quotes “LIGHT” is out August 3 via Future Classic/Pieater.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Ro Murphy