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Live Review: LISTEN: Childish Gambino '3005' (Paces Bootleg)

5 December 2013 | 12:00 am | Nick Luke

Mike Perry aka Paces drops a fresh bootleg of the new Childish Gambino tune '3005'.

Our bestie PACES is back once again with the ill behaviour. Hailing from the sun-drenched lands of the Gold Coast, Mike Perry has returned with another white-hot bootleg cut, this time taking the brand new CHILDISH GAMBINO tune '3005' and giving it the once over, tropico-style.

The bootleg boasts a soaring vibe filled to the brim with kalimbas, glissandi chimes, and dense synths, all wrapped up tightly in a head-noddingly bouncy beat. This light and uplifting tone is beginning to become the trademark of PACES.

When you hear a tune like this your mind automatically snaps to two things: 1. "Oh shit, this cool," and 2. "This sounds like a PACES joint!"

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PACES does an admirable job of appropriating the original tune into his own style without going overboard, turning the vocal hooks into chopped up vowel-centric percussive instruments, whilst bringing in the chorus intact throughout the song to keep everything grounded and rolling.

Once again, Mr. Perry has brought us another stellar re-imagining of a dope song, whilst bringing his signature upbeat vibe to the table - something that is getting increasingly rare in a time where a good bootleg can be somewhat hard to find in an over-saturated platform.

Oh, and did I mention: it's up for free download - so go get your hands on some PACES, you won't be disappointed.

Words by Nick Luke