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Live Review: Charles Murdoch returns with club heater, 'Impact'

7 April 2020 | 12:51 pm | Emma Jones

Brisbane's Charles Murdoch delivers his hardest hitting work yet with a surprise new single titled 'Impact'.

Brisbane producer CHARLES MURDOCH has released a new song, sneaking in just at the end of March. Titled 'Impact', its his hardest-hitting work yet, heading straight for the depths of the club and signals an intriguing new direction.

Normally one for expansive, steadily swelling soundscapes, Murdoch bucks this in favour of a thumping beat and frenetic glitches and racing synths. It's full throttle from start to finish, and reminiscent of Melbourne duo friendships and their ability to create ruthless, relentless club heaters. At once abrasive and immersive, 'Impact' is led by a driving percussive line which steers the track as it builds in intensity. A sudden break with swirling atmospherics lets you catch your breath before plunging back into the fray, picking right back where it left off. It's an expertly crafted exercise in ebb and flow, with Murdoch firmly in the driver's seat as 'Impact' hurtles along.

This is the first new music Charles Murdoch has released since his 2019 EP, WTBL. He's had a steady output of new music since the release of his critically acclaimed 2015 record Point, and judging from snippets shared on social media, there might still be more where this has come from. Honing in on his very clear influence from the likes of Nicolas Jaar, this is the clearest evolution of his sound that we've heard yet from the producer. While the hallmarks of the likes of Four Tet or Floating Points are still there in that 'Impact' sits in so many different spaces all at once, this song also makes a very clearly defined statement that this is the start of something new as well. It'll be very interesting indeed to see where Charles Murdoch heads after this.

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Words by Emma Jones

Image via Bandcamp