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Live Review: Carmouflage Rose reconnects with his Zimbabwean roots on 'Sele'

30 July 2019 | 2:06 pm | Parry Tritsiniotis

Carmouflage Rose has released a new track 'Sele', written after returning from his birth country of Zimbabwe and captures the grit of his earlier works.

Brisbane-based rapper CARMOUFLAGE ROSE has released a new track 'Sele'. The track continues the momentum he first established with the release of his debut of single, ‘Late Nights’, in 2017 and the Taste EP in 2018. The single comes alongside his biggest tour announcement to date, highlighting the unstoppable force that is becoming of Carmouflage Rose.

The track was written after returning from his birth country of Zimbabwe. Returning there for the first time in over a decade, he reconnected with his family and culture, using that as the key motivation for the track.

And that he does. It's a perfect pop-rap hit for today's context. It's spacey, moody, the drums hit heavy and Carmouflage Rose's autotune ridden vocal sits perfectly on the track. Despite the urgency in the vocal delivery, its a laid-back club tune that's about taking things easy and enjoying whatever life dishes up. 'Sele' translates in Old English to good fortune, and it's rightly named given the vibe of the track.

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Carmouflage Rose reflects on the refined focus of the track: "Reconnecting with my roots and family gave me a new direction and focus with my music”, he says.

“Experiencing the studio culture in Zimbabwe helped me approach the way I record in a way that demanded my best. Over there, you are in a small space with five other rappers all trying to get on the same beat, so you have to be at your best and own it first take."

It's a refined sound coming from Carmouflage Rose's years of songwriting, but he is still able to so magnificently still capture the grit and raw energy of his earlier works. It's this quality that ensures longevity but also importantly a determining factor in artistic growth. For this reason, the trajectory of Carmouflage Rose is only upwards, and this tour is set to smash.

Listen to 'Sele' via your streaming service of choice here.

Check out Carmouflage Rose's upcoming tour dates below and grab your tickets here.

Photo by Mitch Lowe