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Live Review: PREMIERE: Carmouflage Rose gives your 'Late Nights' a perfect soundtrack

21 June 2017 | 2:09 pm | Jackson Langford

It's around midnight. You've just hopped in the Uber and you're headed to the club. That last shot you had might not have been the best idea and you begin to feel a little queasy. You lean your head against the vibrating glass of the car window and look up. The harsh gold of street lights pass you by as the muffled conversation of your mates buzz around you. You shut your eyes, and play a song in your head. That song is the new one from Brisbane rapper CARMOUFLAGE ROSE, 'Late Nights.'

Hearing flow from an Australian rapper that sounds so trans-continental is beyond refreshing, and the TRAVIS SCOTT influence that drips throughout each verse on this dark and brooding track is clear. Yet and still, 'Late Nights' sounds so brand new. Carmouflage Rose is cementing himself as one to watch in Australia's pretty niche hip-hop scene by well and truly setting himself apart from the back. His haunting delivery matched with the assertion in "they can't fuck with my vibe tonight" is beyond catchy. Carmouflage Rose doesn't need an EDM drop to work his stuff into your brain - he can handle that all on his own.

With that being said, the production on 'Late Nights' is impeccable. Helmed by JAMES ANGUS, the beat creeps up on you and works its way through every bloodstream, to the furthest extension of every limb. It's a haunting melody to match the foreboding tone in Carmouflage Rose's vocals. It provides this all-too-real feeling of what you're about to do might not be the best idea, but you're going to do it anyway. Angus' stripped-back approach to production gives the song perfect midnight soundtrack status. Next time you ask the driver to pass the aux cord, this song should be first priority. If not, you're doing it wrong.

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