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Live Review: Four Tet remixes Caribou's 'Never Come Back' into eight-minute banger

15 May 2020 | 8:26 am | Emma Jones

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet has taken over good friend Caribou's dance-ready single 'Never Come Back' in a stunning new remix.

Two of the best to ever do it are once again back on the same track, and we couldn't be happier. Four Tet, aka Kieran Hebden, is continuing his steady output of creative works while in self isolation and has today shared a new remix of none other than good friend Caribou, aka Dan Snaith. The track in question is lifted from Caribou's latest album, Suddenly, and is the absolute banger, 'Never Come Back'.

One of the highlights off an album absolutely full of them, 'Never Come Back' is one of the more dance-ready singles from Suddenly, and Four Tet wastes no time putting his magic into the track to take it to a different place entirely. Turning it into an 8-minute techno-leaning odyssey, this remix is truly something to behold.

Speaking of the new remix, Snaith said, "Kieran is already part of my music before he remixes it."

"He spent hours listening to drafts of tracks from Suddenly and giving me feedback, as he has done with my previous albums. I love that when people think of us as musical allies that they are seeing something real and genuine, not music industry artifice. We are the closest friends - so much so that I feel like we are family - and I love that people who listen to our music can feel that. So of course I thought of Kieran as the person to take on remixing "Never Come Back". Needless to say he has smashed it - creating a warped and beautiful techno banger that, as it's inclusion in his recent Boiler Room stream showed, will get people dancing whatever the circumstances."

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Words by Emma Jones

Image by Leila Hebden