Live Review: There's a lot "Up In The Flesh" with BV's latest single

11 November 2016 | 9:54 am | Lloyd Crackett

“Up In The Flesh” is an intense look into ‘BV2’, A new mixtape from BV out in Mid-November. It is their darkest and most experimental work yet.

There’s no use trying to succinctly describe BV’s latest offering 'Up In The Flesh'. It is unabashedly experimental, a thumping ode to alternative dance floors, as if Burial got angry or if Jamie XX tried to pay homage to The Prodigy. Yet, it’s the brainchild of Marcus Whale, Jarred Beeler and Lavurn Lee in the lead up to their first full release since since 2013’s Black on Black on Black.

'Up In The Flesh' is an intense look into BV2, BV’s new mixtape coming out mid-November. It is their darkest and most experimental work yet. Marcus Whale’s eerie spoken words stretch across the pulsating drum n bass beat, yet an ambience permeates the entire track and even a trademark PC music pop features. The track is pumped full of influences but it never seems messy. It’s abrasive yet not obstructive, it’s hard work and club history put it into action. It is pure momentum. BV have sourced influences well and taken it in their own direction.

BV have truly cemented themselves as being able to deliver a late night dungeon banger, especially with the project beginning as a ‘Live Only’ three piece. The group have evolved into a performance heavy club act that have a style all of their own. ‘Up In The Flesh’ is only a teaser into an 8 track mixtape that has taken over 3 years to create, and the elusive trio have hyped us all up. Here’s hoping for mid-November to come sooner but for them to tour nationwide.

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BV’s upcoming mixtape BV2 is released on Friday the 18th of November.