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Live Review: BUOY 'Took Me Up'

25 February 2015 | 11:19 pm | Emma Jones

Sydney newcomer BUOY releases a stellar first single in 'Took Me Up', taken from her upcoming debut EP 'Immersion'

In the current electronic music climate, it was entirely possible we would become desensitised to "experimental" music. As more and more artists fall under that umbrella, we have to ask - how does it remain experimental? Thankfully, Sydney newcomer BUOY has shown us how, with her new track, Took Me Up

Creating something entirely her own, Took Me Up is as impressive as they come in regards to first singles. We had a taste of her featuring on SPIRIT FACESCloudplay (that underwent some serious remix treatment from TIME PILOT), but that definitely was not enough. Took Me Up continues in highlighting just how much BUOY has going on, from her pop vocal stylings to diverse, dynamic production.

Although she may draw comparisons to other leading female experimental artists, I feel that may cheapen just how refreshing and different BUOY's sound is. There is no denying her serious talent and potential. BUOY is in a league of her own.

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Starting off with distorted vocals and fuzzy feedback sounding synths, the track is immediately captivating. From BUOY's wail to her immediate softness that follows, her lyrics are just as beautiful as the feelings she sings about. She has interestingly chosen a more lo-fi production style, yet her vocals are crisp and clear. Skittering drums and massive claps play in the background as walls of distorted synth descend over the track.

Going back and forth between light and playful to dark and eerie, BUOY's production skills are seriously impressive, and adds to the already outstanding quality of this track.

Took Me Up is the first release off BUOY's forthcoming EP, Immersion. If this is what she can achieve with just one single, things are looking very good indeed for the Sydneysider!

Words by Emma Jones.