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Live Review: Brendan Maclean delivers disco bop 'Easy Love'

5 May 2020 | 12:13 pm | Emma Jones

Brendan Maclean returns with a disco-infused new bop titled 'Easy Love', the first of multiple singles coming this year.

The incredible singer-songwriter BRENDAN MACLEAN has released a brand new single titled 'Easy Love'. Marking the fourth collaboration with producer LEFTI (aka Alex Suarez), 'Easy Love' is an easy, breezy disco-infused dance pop number with a soaring hook all about living in the moment and letting it all out with a special someone.

With an insatiable bass line and glittery synths, Lefti lays down the perfect foundation for Maclean to really shine with his vocals. The song has this infectious, almost urgent need to make you let everything go for the night and you can't help but do exactly that as the infectious bridge and hook take you to new heights. It's so much fun from start to finish, and you can hear just how much Maclean is enjoying it right along with you as the song takes full flight.

Maclean said of the new single, "I love working with Lefti, I’m naturally a super gloomy songwriter but he’ll play this ridiculous bass line and it just brings out a very silly, happy version of me."

"It’s lovely to goof around after the much more introspective album that was ‘And The Boyfriends’. But I think I’ve fetched my bolt-cutters for the moment, as it were."

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The first of multiple singles Maclean has in store for us this year, including a teased collab with Yeo, 'Easy Love' is the escapist pop bop we need right now. A welcome slice of sunshine to shake off your isolation cobwebs, we cannot wait to hear more!

Words by Emma Jones

Image by Martin/Just Toby