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Live Review: Braille Face's 'Leave Your Heart' deals with the fallout from Trump

14 February 2018 | 7:55 am | Molly McLaughlin

Braille Face's newest, 'Leave Your Heart', is a genre-bending examination of where we're at in this wild political time and where we could go.

In 2017, multi-instrumentalist BRAILLE FACE (AKA Jordan White) split his time between his Melbourne home, visits to Japan, and a month of writing in Gotye's home studio in New York City. The result is confident new track 'Leave Your Heart', a genre-bending examination of where we are at in this wild political time, and where we could go.

Bathed in lush strings and a foreboding drumbeat, Braille Face takes the listener on a rollercoaster of energy on 'Leave Your Heart'. With two parallel storylines, he explores both a romantic relationship and a societal conflict, asking, "I'm only human, what's your excuse?" Sonically and lyrically, the track creates a confused, oppressive atmosphere as he explores our uncertain future.

"I started writing the song while I was in New York in 2016," explains White. "It was just before Trump was elected and there was a thick atmosphere that was hovering over the city. I felt like I needed to document the hysteria. So the song is about trying to work out how we can retain some kind of humility and compassion at a time when we have given that all up.  How do we remain compassionate in what are mostly un-compassionate times?"

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With 'Leave Your Heart', Braille Face expertly extends a personal narrative into something bigger. Its a mature, sophisticated cut that doesn't mess around. It doesn't hurt that the track pulls you in from the first second, either.

Image: Supplied