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Live Review: Bondax 'All I See' (Darius Remix)

23 August 2014 | 12:00 am | Lauren Payne

Darius has remixed Bondax's latest track 'All I See' and focused on the garage-driven groove.

BONDAX have had so much praise for their latest track 'All I See' and it appears that DARIUS has found a way to make it even better with his new remix.

With a fair few new reworks of the track emerging, including one by TCTS, there is no doubt that 'All I See' will be transformed many times, but with DARIUS behind this little gem, it's safe to say that we've found one of our favourites.

DARIUS has given us a variety of remixes recently, including a very chilled out mix for MO's track 'Don't Wanna Dance', which we instantly added to our playlists when we came across it. BONDAX have become one of the UK's best house duo's and with 'All I See', they raised the bar pretty damn high with their original mix and DARIUS has found a way to work with that and created a remix focusing on the wonderful garage-influenced melody.

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With a very sweet and crisp groove flowing through 'All I See', DARIUS has slowed that down slightly and decided to focus on the smooth garage and jazz elements for his mix. A series of light piano tracks are blended together with beaming house synths and when you listen to this particular remix, you can hear a certain warmth inside it. The vocals are similar to BONDAX's original track, with them only being chopped and scattered into a few different places, staying true to 'All I See' whilst also showcasing the wonderful voice featured in the song.

If there's one thing we've come to learn about DARIUS, it's that his remixes tend to have a more relaxed atmosphere. They sound fun and have an easy-going melody that seems to easily flow effortlessly, making it feel as natural as possible.

Words by Lauren Payne