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Live Review: Experience the progressive vibe with Body Promise's new mix

14 November 2016 | 2:17 pm | Lloyd Crackett

Harmony From a Dominant Hue is the debut compilation from Body Promise, a label and Radio show on FBi Click.

Harmony From a Dominant Hue is the debut compilation from Body Promise; it’s a carefully curated selection of club tracks that are slick, innovative and unpredictable. Composed of artists from Australia and abroad, Body Promise sought to collect together tracks that complimented and contrasted one another, to bring out elements that would not have been noticeable otherwise. The mix features many established names under new guises, such as Rainbow Chan as Chunyin, Marcus Whale as Marcus (Not Singing), Doug from Fishing as HED ardennes and Jarred from Black Vanilla as DJ Plead.

Stand out tracks include Kimchi Princi, a rapper/poetess from Sydney whose club-ready sound, confident flow and sultry slur come together perfectly on ‘She’s that Princi’. As she raps, “I do it how I wanna, that’s how it’s goin’ to be’, you have to believe her, it’s a statement she will not back down on.

Another stand out is Mya Gomez and Felix Idle’s ‘T2 Meltdown,’ which is a rich and textural alternative club track, comprised of vocal samples of breathing, a slow and dominating bass line and rapid fire drums. It’s an example of the progressive vibe Body Promise aimed for and absolutely hit.

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Body Promise is a weekly show on FBi Click Radio, that has set out to steer listeners away from the same old bro dominated house and techno. They seek to not to confine within genres but to maintain a progressive vibe, to help contribute to the ever-growing music scene, to provide the platform for adventure in electronic music. With a compilation this solid, we wouldn't be surprised if they welcomed a lot more fans into their arms.

Body Promise airs Mondays 4-6pm & repeated on Sunday 8-10pm, check out their soundcloud for more mixes and their Facebook for updates.

Image: Chris Loutfy for Acclaim