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Live Review: PREMIERE: Blyolk is telling us exactly what it's like to be an 'Artshole'

24 February 2017 | 8:30 am | Jackson Langford

A Melbourne native, visionary artist BLYOLK was always bound to be deeply immersed in art and culture - it's almost a prerequisite if you're born and raised in Melbs at this point. However, it's exactly those pre-conceived notions about the art capital of Australia that Blyolk is talking about in his new banger, 'Artshole.'

Blyolk, otherwise known as Sebastian Chesney, made huge waves when he dropped his debut single 'Don Wowry' last year. It was a glitchy, quirky number that still was overflowing with sophistication, refinement and confidence. Now, he plans to bring that and then some with this fresh tune, and he sure as hell delivers.

It's a maximalist jam that never skimps on the energy. It somehow glimmers and haunts at the same time, as Blyolk has mixed sounds together in a way that may seem strange on first listen but melts together beautifully the more you play it. Spoiler alert: you'll be playing it a lot.

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Produced and mixed by Blyolk himself, the track, laden with a crunching melody, was birthed when he was riding around his hometown thinking about what society expects of him as an artist. 'Artshole' is about shedding all those ideas others have of you, or all they want for you, and being able to find yourself and your artistic expression despite the noise surrounding you.

He's given us a knotted party tune that is nothing short of boundary-pushing. Keep an eye on Blyolk.